March 8, 2008

Birthday Money!!!

6 yo DD received some birthday money from several relatives this past week. She has been patiently anxiously waiting for the moment to buy the Cuttlebug Kids Die Cut Machine for about 6 months! Today her wishes came true as she marched into Wal-Mart with her exact dollars and dimes and bought

and this die cut package


this die cut package.

All I kept thinking was how much fun is this going to be expensive is this going to be! I tend to be a little Obsessive Compulsive about things like this! Look how sweet it is! Those cut outs are wonderful and perfect and when I was teaching 4th grade science I had SO much fun with the antiquated huge die cuts! And I was right, as soon as I got home my Joanne's 40% off coupon mailer came and it had a cuttlebug kids advertisement on it. Oh me, oh my!!! Hmmmm...wonder if I can work it into the homeschool budget - that is if Big Brother lets me!

Anyway, back to 6 yo DD she and 7 yo DS have been sitting at the table for 2 hours cutting and stamping away! They have made bookmarks for every living soul they have ever met. Now granted DD all have lady bugs and flowers while DS mainly consist of aliens and cars! I was surprised that he was so intrigued, but the whole cutting mechanism has him entranced - he has already been told in no uncertain terms that it would not be appropriate to take apart DD new machine! We Mom's must think ahead!


media said...

Did she receive her tea set from us, I hope it arrived unbroken.

Liz said...

YES, she loves it! We are in the process of thank you cards. She and Tabitha fight over it often! Nana got her a new kitchen set and it sits right on top! It is so very cute. Hugs, Elizabeth


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