March 15, 2008

fun stuff

This past Christmas I had fun making a lot of our gifts. One gift that I really had fun making was a bag for my nephew! I used my nifty embroidering machine to put his name on top of the bag and then I chose a special picture for the front.

The reason this picture is so special is because my nephew loves Sesame Street and because once upon a time this picture was on the front of a shirt that my sister and I both remember wearing. This past summer my mom dug tons of stuff memorabilia out of her trunks at home and told us to take what we wanted. Well, a couple of things held fond memories for both of us. This shirt was one of them. First off it was made of polyester - definitely a 70's icon and second we both remembered loving the picture on the front of our coolest shirt! Anyway, she ended up with the shirt.

A cute picture of my nephew opening his bag and Toy Story 2 DVD!

When we were on our return trip from visiting with my parents my daughter spotted the shirt in the back and said, "I thought Aunt Rebecca got that shirt!" I was surprised to have it and that she had tucked it in among my things. When I got home I knew I wanted to pass it back someway and thus my nephew's Christmas present was born! It is fun to have a sister to share such fun things with.


Chad and Rebecca said...

We carry that bag to the library when we collect library books. Cole loves to look at the picture on the bag. Thank you for being such a kind and thoughtful sister!

onemotherslove said...

That is awesome! My kids love Sesame Street, too. I hadn't thought about bags... Sounds like something I can work on for next Christmas!! : ) Maybe if I start now I can get them finished before Christmas eve next year! Thanks for commenting, too!


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