April 28, 2008

The Shout Heard Around the House...

My dear husband has many different ways of saying my name!

There is the the "Don't be silly" version which is usually reserved for some of my more outlandish requests! He he he - I like to keep him on his game.

There is the "We R Done Talking About This" version, not used too often, but occasionally when we are discussing something that we can not come to terms on.

There is the "Yes, I'm so Glad You and I Are In This Life Together" - my personal favorite.

There is also the "STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GIVE THIS YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION" call - I have only heard this one 3 times in my life and one of those times was last night!

We had returned home from evening services at our congregation where hubby preached a wonderful sermon about the importance of children and how rather than overlooking them we should be embracing them as a whole church. It was great and caused me to get a little teary eyed.

Anyway, we returned home with 4 pizzas, guests, and a plan for a lovely evening. I had run downstairs to help a kiddo when I heard my name in the above mentioned tone and I RAN to find out the reason.

My dear 6 yo was bleeding buckets all over herself and her Daddy, my 2 yo was screaming because of all the commotion and our guests were trying to help anyway they could. Nana and Papa were trying to decide what to do. We couldn't figure out where the blood was coming from. Nobody knew what had happened. 6 yo was screaming that it was her throat and my stomach was flipping and flopping.

Dear Hubby finally found the source of the bleeding at the roof of her mouth and said "I need to get my shoes on - get her ready to go." Then she started vomiting blood and I said, I'm going too! (The ER doc said it was because she had swallowed so much!)

So we left our other children, guests, and my in-laws to run to the children's ER. We got there and were there for a very long time. They finally got the bleeding to stop and we finally found out that she was playing with the stick to the venetian blinds and tripped and it went straight through the roof of her mouth (luckily the hard pallet area). My proverbial thought - it could have been her eye!

They sent her home around 3 AM with about 3 different prescriptions for antibiotics, pain meds, and mouth wash! What a night and today I think we are all still recovering although the patient is thrilled with her soft food diet - ice cream for breakfast anyone!

The only other 2 times hubby yelled at me like that was 5 years ago when our oldest dear daughter fell and knocked out her front 2 teeth and 10 years ago when he could literally see an F5 tornado coming towards our house. So he reserves that tone for really special occasions!


Dimple Queen said...

OH MY!!!! I was terrified just reading that post! Very short and to the point! But oh my...it made my mouth hurt just thinking about it! My dear little boy just scraped his one day with a pen top and it was a mess! I can only imagine what you experienced!!!

Chad and Rebecca said...

Continue to let us know how she is doing.

Smockity Frocks said...

YIKES! I bet you were scared silly not knowing where the blood was coming from! I'm glad she's okay!


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