May 5, 2008

Fun kids

Today the kids and I sat down to eat dinner and my dear son started to get a little fidgety at the table. This is a common occurrence and have found that if I steer the conversation in an interactive direction he calms right down and is interested in what the others are saying. So I used my traditional, "What was your favorite thing to do today?"

Our day was jam packed with errands, a play date, lunch at Taco Bell, and a bit of time at the library - so there were many options to choose from. The kids went in a circle and most immediately said park, but dear sweet 2 yo said, "Going on a Bear Hunt!"

This morning I had introduced her to one of my favorite songs as a little girl and she loved it too! So I thought how sweet that was her favorite part of the day. So as we were clearing dinner dishes she looked at me and said, "I'm ready to go on the bear hunt now!" Well, I smiled and we started the song again, but she emphatically stopped me to reiterate that she was ready to GO on the bear hunt now. I stopped to explain that this was just a song, when 7 yo DS and 10 yo DD decided that would be fun. So after table chores they set about making a bear hunt course.

It was very complete with a blue blanket wrinkled for the ripple effects of the lake. 2yo DD's teddy was hidden as the bear and the stairs were the TALL mountain. It was a fun end to the evening and 2yo had her favorite part of the day!


Anonymous said...

That is one of my most favorite songs to and the one I always started witht the first week of PRe-K. Have you heard the Dr. JEan version? Aimee

Anonymous said...

OOps! "One of my most favorite songs TOO..." Let me fix that for all you grammar nuts.


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