April 11, 2008

To be content...

I have discovered that I am not a content person! This is a very sad revelation. How can I not be content in whatever state I find myself (Philippians 4:11), speaking of the emotional state and not the physical state of course! It is also a startling discovery as I have always thought of myself as a happy and cheerful person.

My hubby is 85% sure that we are moving - something that I have desired along time! As soon as I hear the news I immediately start to wax nostalgia on everything California!

Then dear hubby is 50% sure we aren't moving and then I think, WHAT - I was so excited about moving!

Then dear hubby is back to 85% sure we are moving and I decide that there is something wrong in my thinking that must be fixed!

We have a family that is split in location, half in California and half in Texas. If we move to one state we miss the other and vice versa. However if they were all in one state (and I follow my current way of thinking to its logical conclusion), I would probably want to live in another state until I moved there.

I don't want to be a NEVER HAPPY person. I need to figure out how Paul was content even in chains. So that is my search to be content. Have any advice?


Anonymous said...

As a fellow struggler I will tell you I have to fight it tooth and nail and just when you think it is whipped it crops up again in a different area of your life. I think the secret is in " the renewing of your mind" - which I find is only possible through memorizing and meditating on scripture. I also find that when I start complaining IF I stop, and start counting my blessings instead I can change the direction of my thoughts. ( So right now in my head I'm singing... "Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done... ")Aimee

Anonymous said...

I think this is much like what the previous commenter said: Give thanks. Cultivate gratitude in every way you can. Do not give in to complaining. Tell yourself the truth. Lean on God's grace.

And I think it is critical to take our blessing counting beyond the surface and go deep into the spiritual as well.

I find that just fighting the negative doesn't work. In fact, it can lead me deeper into the darkness. Then I turn to beating myself up, not turning to the grace of God and trusting the power of Christ. Marty

Liz said...

Thank you for the sweet words of truth and encouragement. They were/are very helpful! Liz

Dimple Queen said...

I am still working on that myself dear friend!

I will lift you up! I agree with Aimee and Marty, We all need to count our blessings and LEAN ON HIM!



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