April 14, 2008

Funny duck....

This weekend was the first time we have been able to use our pool this year. I was unsure of 2yo DD and how she would react to the water. I shouldn't have worried. She loved it. Every single frigid moment of it. She would start to shiver (even though it was uncharacteristically 96 degrees outside!) in the water and I would say lets get out and warm up. She did not think so and was more content to shiver in the pool than to get out and miss out on the water. It was very cute.

This morning she got up very early (I was still sleeping and so was everyone else and I think the clock read 5:45 AM!) and climbed into my bed. I had to laugh because she was dressed in her swimsuit and she was ready to go "Jump in the pool!"

I'm glad we have a nice gate around that pool!

1 comment:

Chad and Rebecca said...

Something must have been in the water because ds was up at 5:30 watching PBS. Hid daddy put him right back into bed!


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