April 17, 2008


With 2yo DD birthday around the corner, it is causing me all sorts of problems. My baby isn't really a baby anymore and that is just so sad. Daily her enunciation is getting better and her sentences are getting longer - bye bye baby talk. My 6yo DD said to me the other day, "I miss when she would sign more - more!" ME TOO!

2yo DD latest and greatest funny moment was this morning. She looked at DH and said "I want to sing the birdie song!" This was the conversation that ensued:

Hubby: I'm not familiar with a birdie song.
2 yo: You sang it yesterday
Hubby: I don't recall singing it yesterday.
2 yo: yes you sang it like this (waving her hands in the air)
Hubby: you mean when I was leading singing at service
2yo: when you sang like this (waving her hands again!)
Hubby: (he was trying to remember what we sang at service yesterday) chuckles (he has a great soothing chuckle!)
Hubby: Do you mean "I'll Fly Away"
2yo: Yep lets sing that!

So they did and it was priceless and then she said, "Now I want to sing gravy lay!" It was a good thing my 7 yo speaks 2yo and knew she meant "Low in the Grave He Lay!" It was one of those melt your heart moments - I love them!


Smockity Frocks said...

How cute! I'll Fly Away is the favorite of our 2 & 3 yr. olds. We sing it almost every day.

Liz said...

We sing it a lot around here also! It is a great song, but it has never been refered to as the birdie song before! I especially love the hallaluah part that all of my kids have pronounced so cute!


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