April 17, 2008


who I got to meet tonight! KimC from Life In A Shoe! She was out here for her cool Sony blogging conference and it was fun to meet in real life! She was so very sweet and soft spoken! What a nice treat to meet such a sweet lady.

As another great bonus, Rachel from It's A Sunny Life also came to meet Kim and we had a great time getting to know one another! We even splurged and went to dinner after Kim had to return to her very cool blogging business. What a really fun evening!

Sadly I didn't have my camera to document the fun evening but none the less it was great fun!

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Smockity Frocks said...

WOW! How neat! I once dreamed that I got to meet KimC in real life. She was very sweet. (Shhh... Don't tell her. I wouldn't want to appear stalkerish in nature.)


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