May 29, 2008

I make good lemonade...

I was trying to find ways to use up all those lemons that I was talking about! (I made lemon bars and they were a delicious addition to my repertoire. Hat tip to Anita!) I decided to try a different lemonade recipe and it was so wonderful!

It is called Vintage Lemonade and I found it on my all time favorite recipe search engine, All Recipes! So here is the delicious instructions for this easy recipe with a vintage twist!

Juice 10 lemons (I don't use 10 lemons it is too puckery to me - so I use 8 lemons and 2 oranges. I also juice over a strainer so that I don't worry about seeds or pulp.)

Place the juiced halves in a large bowl. Pour 2 cups of sugar over the lemon and orange halves and cover with plastic wrap. Set in the sun outside or by a window.

After an hour boil 5 cups of water and pour over the lemon/orange halves. Replace saran wrap and leave for 30 min. After 30 minutes remove lemon/orange halves and give the sugar water a stir and then add it to the juice from the lemons and oranges. Add another 5 cups of water and top with a tray of ice cubes.

It is absolutely delicious! A great addition to my lemon recipes!

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