June 4, 2008

Mom, I'm BORED...

Sometimes I will hear this verse eek from one of my little ducklings mouths, but not often because one utterance of this is likely to have chores added to their list! However, because I can't stand to be bored I really do understand this phrase and how excruciating it is to be stuck with nothing to do, so we have a plan.
We use a home management binder in our home. It is just a 3 ring binder which basically houses all pertinent information in my life (so it is my brain). Within this wonderful lifesaver is a kids section. One page within this section is entitled,
"If you are bored..."!
On this page I have listed different suggestions as well as a list of every game in our game closet. My list looks like this...
1. Go outside and find a bug to look up in the bug encyclopedia & examine under the Eyeclops
2. Bake a cake, if kitchen is not occupied
3. Draw a picture and write a note to grandma
4. Have a photo shoot with the kids (I can always use more pictures)*
5. Dry some flowers
6. Make a home video*
7. Paint a picture
8. Play a game
(Games are listed here!)
*We gave the kids access to our old digi camera and video camera, this was 2 years ago and they have been amazingly careful with them!
This is what works for me. Check back at Shannon's to see other suggestions to beat the summer doldrums!


Dimple Queen said...

Liz, Ilove this idea! Great one! I scrolled down a bit to catch up...and I love the one titled "sibling squabbles" I have a friend that I wish I could get to read that one!!

And I will definitely try the lemonade recipe as soon as I am out of school for the summer!!! 3 MORE DAYS!!!!!


Aimee said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that "bake a a cake" is on your list!


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