June 6, 2008

Things to be Generally Avoided - Part Deux

1. When 3 yo is washing dishes in the sink - don't wait too long before you tell her - not too many suds sweetie!

2. When you are dancing around the house with a fun song blaring trying to prove to the kids that cleaning up can be fun- it might be a good idea to make sure that the neighbor isn't walking up the drive.

3. When company is coming and you decide to use the front hall bath real quick, it might be a good idea to lock the door before 3 year old bursts in and says, "THEIR HERE!" as said company is walking in the front hall!

4. It might not be a good idea to EVER prove to your children that lizards aren't anything to be feared. They may just come in with lizards dangling to prove to the aforementioned company how NOT afraid they are - ALL 4 OF THE KIDS - AT THE SAME TIME - to show the company that has an only child, in an ivy league university, and the whole homeschool thing is already "interesting" to them!

5. If at all possible teach the 3 year old not to be discreet, because when she reaches to the ground to pick up a pencil and her little Dora underpants peek out the little old lady sitting next to you may say, "Oh sweetie, I see something!" She could look at the little old lady and say, "yep those are my panties, do you wear panties?"

Just thought you might like to know!

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Smockity Frocks said...

Very funny! I enjoyed this!


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