June 28, 2008

The Ridiculous Award...

This wins the most ridiculous award in my book; to even think that high heels are OK for baby girls is silly.

I have a rant about seeing these things that women "beautify" themselves with being sold for our innocent daughters.

Moms, please think twice about what you let your daughters adorn, is it protecting their innocence or is it a very premature jump into being worldly?

I even hate the new term "tween".

My ten year old is not an immature fifteen year old. She is ten and has the benefits of still being sweet and innocent.

There will come a time when she grows and matures and her innocents will turn to wisdom and I will fight for her right to bloom into a Godly woman and not a young Jezebel!

Rant Over!


Kelly Joyce Neff said...

Amen, sister!
My daughter just turned 18 and she was a young girl until she was about 15. She still hasn't had a boyfriend, though she has plenty of friends. Time enough for all that.

Bless you for your wonderful blog

Liz said...

We moms have to stick together!


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