August 12, 2008

Bread revisited....

So if you make this whole wheat bread recipe! Make sure that you ONLY use old fashioned oats! Please do not use quick oats - no matter how obsessed you are at trying the recipe again! The quick oats exceedingly alter the taste - in one word, BLECK! It was so bad that even creating delicious LOOKING french toast couldn't save it! So to the ducks it goes, if they turn their nose up at it - I couldn't even blame them! Oh well! I made a repeat batch today using the correct oats and it was as wonderful as the first time!

I am anxiously awaiting the rest of the ingredients to come in the mail to make this bread! The only thing I still don't have is ginger; don't think me crazy, but can I buy that in the spice aisle or do I have to buy whole ginger and grate it? I'm thinking the dough conditioner will be better if I use dry ginger, so what do you think? Thanks, signed the obsessed whole wheat bread maker (until the next passing fancy) Giggle!

Nevermind, I just found a jar of ground ginger - in my spice cabinet! Sheepish smile!


eklanica said...

I bought spelt flour this on Saturday. I'm going to give your delicious bread a try this weekend!

Liz said...

Tell me how it goes! I'm still experimenting but it is going well!


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