August 9, 2008

I made...

this really great bread last night! It is moist and not too dense. I'm still not at all sure that it would make a good sandwich bread but "try - try again!" My dear, sweet hubby does not like wheat bread at all! However, he seems to really enjoy this bread. It does have half wheat and half spelt flour but the oatmeal makes it so moist that he really enjoys it.

Next I want to attempt this one. I ordered the non - customary ingredients last night online. So when they appear I will attempt this. I really want to get a nice, healthy bread for sandwiches. We are spending upwards of $4.50 a loaf on nice healthy bread from the store and that doesn't go very far with our family. So if I can perfect this I will be a very happy mama!

Does anyone have any bread making tips to share? Like, how in the world do you slice your bread so you get nice even slices? Thanks for reading!

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