August 24, 2008

The results are in...

the derby was a great success and we all had such a wonderful time!

Oldest 10 yo DD decided to go a little out of the ordinary this year and create a float car!

She won Most Original Design; however this car didn't make it to round 2! I'm sure all of those flowers were not aerodynamic, but they sure where cute!

8yo DS decided to go for the patriotic look and built a tank!

He won Most Patriotic and did advance to the 2nd round but that is where he stayed!

My 6 yo DD decided to go for a Polly Pocket car! She even added glue to the driver's hair so it would look like it was blowing in the wind! That made me laugh!

She won Best Driver and also advanced to the 2nd round, but again got stuck there!

3yo DD started crying last night because she wanted to race a car! I didn't plan on this so I was a little at a loss until 10 yo DD saved the day and said 3 yo could race 10 yo's car from last year! So 10 yo DD and Daddy dusted it off and made some adjustments about 10 minutes before leaving for the race. It was a Texas flag last year and this year with 3yo DD's sticker additions it is the Texas Migrating Butterfly!

We were shocked when this car just kept winning and winning! It ultimately won first place out of 30 cars - not bad for a last minute entrance! 10 yo and 3 yo decided to share the title!

Then we came home for this:

So how is that for a busy, but fun day!

1 comment:

Mrs. Butler said...

that looks like a lot of fun! very cool about winning first place :)


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