September 2, 2008

First Grade 2008....

but, before we delve into what this years first grade looks like, I will first enlighten you at what my Labor Day looked like! It looks like this every year as organizing the school supplies is right up on my list next to a root canal!
Art supplies!

Science and puzzles galore!

Excess school supplies (perhaps we should say excessive!)

The "after" picture - all put away in the supply closet!

The "excessive" supplies!

I look at these pictures and shudder, I promise myself every fall that I WILL NOT attend a used curriculum sale this spring and I WILL WALK on by, sauntering confidently past the .10 cent glue and crayons! I will survive back to school supplies - who am I kidding - I heart school supplies!

So back to first grade! Today 6 yo DD embarked on first grade! It was a fun day and I will showcase one subject each day. Today I wanted to start off with Geography/Social Studies. We are learning the 7 continents and the 4 oceans. I have a worksheet packet that I found off of Enchanted We also used the Geography CD from AudioMemory and it is one of our favorites! (If you want more information on AudioMemory they have many videos on YouTube. I'm particularly fond of their parts of speech songs.)

Sweet first grader with a map of the continents.

So what are my other kids doing during first grade time? I'm so glad you asked....

Oldest and youngest dear daughters are hanging out together!

Dear son is using his computer time!

So that is day one of first grade. See you tomorrow for day two!


Leslie said...

Your school supply closet looks GREAT! I'm addicted to school supplies too...I justify all my extra trips to Staples & Office Depot for their free, 1 cent & 10 cent deals by telling dh that it's for a great cause! (we donate them to Teen Challenge, who does an outreach to needy children in the barrio) Hey, I'm not above rationalizing! LOL

Chad and Rebecca said...

DD #3 looks like Carol in that picture!


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