September 4, 2008

First Grade 2

Today in first grade we had a substitute. Big sister read with 6yo dd and helped her with her geography. Luckily mom was able to get reading and math done before heading to the couch with a horrible sick headache! Hopefully tomorrow will be much better, but in the meantime her substitute loved her and was so exceedingly patient I couldn't have hoped for better!

Because of my horrendous head pounding I didn't get around to taking pictures, but I wanted to showcase our math today. We have used Singapore exclusively and I heart it! It is a wonderful curriculum for the younger years! It really teaches the kids to think and to systematically work out the problems in their head. The draw backs there isn't a readily available teachers manual, although I do believe in recent years someone has come up with a solutions guide. Another drawback would depend on the type of math student you are teaching. 2 of my kids have had great success with Singapore and are able to pick it up in no time and do the math for the most part in their head. However, I have one student that doesn't understand math. She gets the concepts but the basic relationships escape her and Singapore isn't so good for her because she needs a lot of repetitiveness to grasp a concept, something that Singapore can't provide.

6 yo DD is using Singapore level 1A right now. She really enjoys her math and that makes me happy! See you tomorrow for day 2 of first grade.

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Leslie said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, but YAY for R picking up the slack!


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