December 31, 2008

A question for you all...

We are going on an exciting journey this summer; we are going to take the summer to go and work for the National Parks services. We aren't sure where we are going or if they will actually pick us for the job (imagine us raising our hands really high, squealing "pick me - pick me") but we are trying out for the position. Hubby has his first phone interview with them tomorrow and we are praying that we will make an impression and this will be an adventure for us.

However, totally looking ahead I am wondering what kind of internet service we can get? Have any of you ever ordered it through your cell phone? Is it insanely expensive and is the service any good?

Thanks for all of your wisdom!


Sally P said...

I hear Verizon has the best, plus they are the "Anywhere Network"or is it "Allover", anyway. My dads cousin from AZ drove out here with her husband a year or so ago and I remember her saying that she had Verizon internet on her computer and she used it the entire drive out here, even through the desert. I am pretty sure that they are the best.

eklanica said...

We have an iPhone with AT&T internet service. Not so good in the boonies. Even on the outskirts of Tyler...nothing. Great in metro areas, but otherwise very slow connection.


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