December 30, 2008

Best Christmas present....

This year for Christmas we gave a family gift to all of the children. This isn't the first time that we have done this. Several years ago we gave them all a trampoline and that was so much fun and they had a great time on it for several years. This year we revisited that idea and bought the family a Wii.

It is so much fun and we have already had hours of fun on it. My dear husband surprised me on Christmas morning with the Wii Fit add on and that has been very entertaining.

I think that family gifts are the way to go and so much fun! Birthdays are great for the individual wants but for Christmas I love spending the day enjoying our gifts together.

It was a fun Christmas!


Christina said...

I think that's a fantastic idea!
We always try to keep the presents to a minimum for each child...but somehow the presents seem to multiply and be far more than we anticipated.

eklanica said...

We had the same idea as you...exactly!! I love buying family gifts as well. Since Everett was born we've tried to give the kids a gift they can enjoy together. This year's gift just happens to be something I can enjoy too!! It is Wii-ly fun!


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