January 31, 2009

The Experiment....week 2

SO it has now been 2 weeks since we have settled into our travel trailer....all 6 of us, in 30 feet of moveable living space....of great big freedom....of tiny little showers!!!!

It has been wonderful to be near my hubby's grandparents, but the living situation is making me just a little CRANKY!!!! Oh I so want to be wonder-woman and say that I could back pack around the world with a bottle of Evian and a toothbrush, but I'm a spoiled, spoiled woman! Besides back packing around the world would be picnic compared to cramming our belongings in under the bed storage, brushing our teeth in 3 square feet or so, and taking the dining room table up and down each day so someone can sleep on it - a picnic I tell you!

I have really only had 1 temper tantrum and then my dear sweet husband just chuckled and said it is temporary and look at all we are learning...I don't like learning...I loathe learning....I love long hot showers!!!!

All joking aside we really are having fun and learning a little more about each other and what we are made of, but today hubby picked up the paper - just to check out what is for sale.....I'll let you know what happens!


media said...

Let us know then we can come for a visit.

Grandma W said...

You know we tried this experiment when we first moved down here. We borrowed my dad's 5th wheel, parked it on the base at the RV camp and I went to school each day and my husband went to work as a Wrecker driver. We did that for only a month and there was only 2 of us. It did however give our daughter who had graciously shared her 1 bedroom apartment at the time with first just me and then both her father and I for a while. I can't even imagine doing it for a long period of time with 4children. I would say that you probably plan lots of activities outside, but we have several days of cold weather that is probably what is making you cranky. It will probably keep you on your knees if nothing else. Good luck, my hats off to you. I wouldn't even want to spend months in that space with only my husband and dog.

Sally P said...

and it's only week 2? :)

Dimple Queen said...

I will tell you girl.....you are a bigger woman than I am....I wouldn't last a couple days in that thing with the knowledge that I would be in it for a few weeks. Camping is one thing, but living....that's another....all that said to say....I maybe in the same situation soon but not by choice...Not really, but it sure has felt like it lately!


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