February 7, 2009

A great children's bible study....

We study the bible daily as a subject in our homeschool. I found a really great resource to help me in our bible study. It is free, it is accessible on the net, and the kids enjoy it - that was a winner for me. It can be found here. From what I can tell all the scripture is from the New King James Version and I like that. While the curriculum does not give a script to tell the story (we use a children's bible and a NKJV to explain the passage) it does give you resources to enhance the learning and (most important for me) a chronological order to present the material in. (Check out the study before you read the rest or it won't make a lot of sense.)

This is what our daily bible study looks like:

We take 2 days to study each lesson. On day one we turn over the cover sheet and copy the memory verse, then I read them the story out of a children's bible while they color the coloring page, (this is to help the understanding for my smaller children). Then we break up into 2 groups.

My oldest 2 children grab their bibles and answer the questions on the fill in the blank page and my 6yo works with me on it, while my 3yo finishes coloring or sits in my lap. After everyone has finished the assignment we come back together and go over the answers.

Next we review our memory verses and I use this system. (Check it out it really works)

On day 2 I read the story out of the NKJV and then we work on our crossword puzzle breaking up into the groups mentioned above and again we finish up with our memory work and prayer.

After we have finished up a story we keep the title page and 2 other pages of their choice and punch holes in it and keep it in their bible notebook.

This has been a great study that has worked really well for our family. For more WFMW ideas check them out for the last time at Rocks In My Dryer.


Grandma W said...

I did something similiar when I taught in Christian schools. Kinder was the only one where we memorized a verse for each letter of the alphabet. In all other grades we memorized passages. I started out the first week and we read the verse 5 times each day in different ways such as all the girls or all the boys, etc. We always started with the whole class and ended with the whole class. The next week we said it 4 times, third week was 3 times and usually by the 4th week most of the kids knew it by heart. Then they were tested at the end of the month. This way all kids were involved and the kids always made it a race to see who knew more of it than the other team or rows or boys vs girls. I have a lot of passages memorized for that reason, however I am not sure I could repeat most of them totally from memory since I did not continue to repeat them daily or monthly as your method suggests. It always amazed me how well the kids did.

Beth said...

Those are fabulous resources! Thank you so much! I've been looking for Bible lessons to use with my daughter. I'm going to have to dig a little deeper into the Charlotte Mason website, too! You rock!

Shelley a.k.a. Momma said...

Thanks for this info! I looked at the link for the scripture memory system and bookmarked it-- sounds like it would really be helpful to me...Thanks!


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