March 6, 2009

A little update and existentialism....

Well hello all, it has been awhile since I have pried myself away from the countryside long enough to come into town to visit my little blog and other things that were once a daily luxury, like...say 3 chocolate chip cookies from McDonald's for a dollar!!! (Hey, what can I say I have a couple of kids more than the national average and that is a great cheap treat! As are there $1.00 fruit and yogurt snack size parfaits, but that is for another post!) So what have I been doing with myself - well all this free time has given me ample time to learn to crochet! I want to explore knitting next, but one thing at a time!

Crocheting is my perseverance project. With most things I try to learn I give up because learning anything new is difficult, but I don't want to be like that - I want to persevere and I'm trying!

My first crochet dish cloth looked like a used rag! The edges and tension was all off so it wouldn't lay flat. It didn't resemble anything at all like a dish cloth, maybe a car wash rag!

The second dish cloth had wonderful edges but the tension was still all wonky (is that a word?) It didn't lay flat either.

The third is still a work in progress so I will let you know!

In other news,trailer living is not for the faint of heart. It is like living in a hallway! Yes, imagine you and all of your children with their clothing, school books, tooth brushes and every other conceivable thing that they can't live without strategically placed in a 30 foot long area of living space! When things aren't put back exactly like they need to be it is like a house of cards falling down! So, not for the faint of heart, but then I look at my wonderful husband and my heart melts because he is a God fearing, loving, and faithful man. I could live in a tent as long as he was by my side - but uhhhh, I don't want to!

All and all everything is going well. We are still waiting to hear about law school and after that we can prepare to settle down where ever it is we will settle.

Sometimes I ponder upon this 6 month stint of tin-can living and wonder what it all means and why we are doing this. (Isn't it just like a mother to over think everything and for a father to say relax, it is fine!) I wonder about the kids and how they feel and what they will look back and think about this time in our lives.

We live right next door to my husbands grandparents, my children's great-grandparents who are as shining examples of Christians as you will ever find. They will, Lord-willing, celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary this year. What a magnificent artwork to view each and every day. The way they talk and laugh and communicate with each other is amazing and inspiring. When they talk of days gone by the affection they have for one another is apparent and permeating.

The kids great-grandmother also has a living uncle - seriously! He is my children's Great-great-great uncle! That is amazing to me. His stories about his life are enchanting and they draw us all in for a nice long chat!

I guess I feel a little bit like a movie in which the poor child is sent to live with elderly relatives and in the end of the movie has learned a greater wealth than could ever have been imagined. So while we are lacking a big fancy house I think the wealth that we are absorbing is priceless. At least that is what I'm telling myself!


Leslie said...

What an encouragement, Elizabeth, and what a blessing to live so close to your elderly family, to enjoy them in the sunset of their lives!

Shannon said...

I think your children will remember the tire swings, the ability to run and play until they are played out and the times with their grandparents. We were there yesterday and the kids seemed to be thriving in the environment.

Sally P said...

you're going on a month without a blog and I check EVERYDAY!!! :)


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