April 8, 2009

Just for Sally...

Hello all of my sweet friends...we are alive and having too much fun! The weather is amazining and the wildflowers are in full bloom so we have been spending most of our time outside.

The kids are in softball, baseball, and T-ball so we are BUSY, but having a great time spending the evenings watching them play. We have even put school on hold during this beautiful spring weather. We will revisit it in the midst of the exceedingly HOT summer!

So for now that is really all that is going on with us. Oh...except for a few other things that will be revealed shortly....he he he! Hugs.


Chad and Rebecca said...

i have been looking everyday for an update.

Sally P said...

thanks for the entry...i thought I was gonna have to give up on you all together. Ummmm, you are teasing us all with these secret "things to come," I want to know what they are now :(. Guess we'll just have to wait another month, just kidding. Can't wait to hear all the news. See you soon, Sally and Marcie


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