September 5, 2009

A funny....

Today my husband decided that even though he has been under the weather he would tackle the kitchen sink. You see the current sink would give any poor unsuspecting soul a shower when they turned it on; and seeing as how most everyone at our house these days is here to help us create some semblance of order with all of this stuff we have accumulated it is not very nice to blast them with water when they are just trying to help.

These kind examples have made a definate impact on our sweet little 4 year old. She wanted to help Daddy install the new sink so bad. So while I was holding the new faucet steady so Daddy could tighten it in place, little 4 year old was right there helping!

So with Daddy under the sink and 4 year old and I working to hold the new faucet in place all was quiet. Well, our dear daughter really thought she could work better if she could see, so she turned the switch to the GARBAGE DISPOSAL. Daddy jumped up, hollering, "what are you doing..." - while I just couldn't quit giggling! It was so funny! Of course 4 year old was frightened by the sound and Dad almost had a heart attack and I couldn't quit laughing. It was a fun moment...for me!


Chad and Rebecca said...

I can see her doing that...poor unsuspecting little one and daddy too! Post some pics please of the kiddos!!

Shannon said...

Its good to see you blogging again. Laughing, crying and laughing again over here.


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