September 26, 2009

The kitchen and a few questions....

As promised to a certain someone who keeps asking so sweetly to see the kitchen, here it is. I have enjoyed it and have made lots of creations already in my own space! Those of you who know our story can realize how much we are thanking God for His blessings.

I'm enjoying my dishes that were in storage for such a long time! I love all white dishes!

Our cabinets are slightly distressed and I really have enjoyed them. Especially as we head into the fall and winter season. They go so well with the colors at that time of the year.

This little cabinet is one of my most favorite features in the kitchen! All of that stoneware has a nice home. Selling Pampered Chef was a great asset to my kitchen!

Now for the question portion of the post. What is this drawer for? It seems a little misplaced and misunderstood!

I'm thinking that this drawer is to house root vegetables. I think!

What would you put above the sink?

What about the stove?
Thanks for taking the time to read about our new kitchen and if you are able to weigh in on the questions that would be a big help. Have a wonderful weekend!


Sally P-G said...

Wow-ie WOW!!! I am totally coveting your kitchen!!! I L-O-V-E LOVE it!!!!! And what a cute hand towel you have there ;). Hmmmm, above the sink and you really want to take away from the beauty of the back splash? Also, can you drill into the tile without ruining it? Once you put something up you better be ready to live with it there forever. Sorry, I am no help am I? But I do love it :):):)

Jesse said...

Hey there! Yeah I thought you would like the hand towel! There is already a screw in the tile above both the sink and stove. (Thanks to the previous owner! =) ) So I don't know what do you think???

Chad and Rebecca said...

I have a really pretty copper tray that would go fabulous behind your kitchen sink. Southern Living sells it. Above your stove I have another marvelous idea. There is a website to order Godly sayings or you can put your family name there. Here is the website:

Call me and we can talk about the tray.

Aimee said...

I'd make sure what ever you put there can be easily washed - both locations might tend to get messy (or maybe thats just the way it is around my house! I'm a messy cook.)

Grandma W said...

Well from someone who has moved several times and had to deal with holes in the walls, I agree that what every you put there is there permanently or at least until you replace the tile, because there will be no fixing or repairing the holes. Do you have a light over the sink? I would put one under the cabinet. I was going to be smart about the sink and say a window, but I know how hard it was to put in a window through brick.
I also agree with Aimee aobut it being easy to clean especially over the stove. I don't care how careful a cook you are grease goes everywhere. If I put anything in either location it would probably be decorative and I would use the strongest double stick tape I could to hang it so when I changed my mind I could take it down and replace it. That is my 2 cents worth.

Grandma W said...

I forgot about the drawer. You are probably right about it being for root vegetables. Does it have a removable drawer? Does it stay cool in there all year? If not then I would be careful about the vegetables being in there. By the way I love the kitchen and layout.

Anonymous said...

your kitchen is beautiful!!! i'm very happy for you in your new house. Praise God!!

Yes, the drawer is for root veggies. I like putting them in a drawer because then they're out of the way, but only if you won't forget about them.

As far as the two backsplash areas, they make really pretty tiled murals these days, but it would take some work removing a few of the old tiles and putting new ones in.... but they would be easy to clean.

Happy home-making!!


eklanica said...

I'm about 90% sure that the drawer with the metal insert is a bread box. Love the kitchen and distressed cabinets. Looks like plenty of space to cook!


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