September 25, 2009

One room at a time....

we are working on making our house our is time consuming and FUN! However, as I have mentioned here on more than one occasion I'm the Teensiest - wee - little - bit OCD so I keep telling myself baby steps! So to reveal one of our first baby steps... the new light fixture in the kitchen... the previous owners loved theirs so much they took it with them! Oh steps!



Now only 9,000 more things to do!


Sally P-G said...

love it but not enough picture satisfaction for me! I can see you have a gorgeous kitchen...can we see the rest? I want to paint my cabinets to look like yours :)

Shannon said...

oooh. i like it. :)

Grandma W said...

Well all I can tell you is that even though it is hard to go one step at a time, we all start somewhere. We have lots of tools if you need some.
As far as supper I voted for Bushes Chicken, tried to get a second vote, didn't so I win!!!!


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