October 15, 2009

Cooking with the girls....

today we had some cooking to do and all the girls decided to jump in and help. We documented the day in pictures and video, but alas we didn't get a shot of the dinner just dessert! So here is our day....

The little girls really decided to get in on the cooking action. They came down all dressed and ready to tear that cooking up. I guess they needed to do a little photo shoot first.

Yes, we rushed to wash those hands, we also had a little talk about germs and cooking, very educational!

She is doing really well with a can opener!

Can't cook without our towels, a little tip from Julia Childs!

Grating the zucchini for delicious Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Little Miss also worked as our dishwasher, which is when I started thinking that Mrs. Smockity should make little girl aprons, it would be wonderful for this activity - maybe with a pocket....they would make wonderful Christmas presents!!!!! OK Mrs. Smockity could ya get right on that!!! Just kidding!

I love mine, I was wearing it all day ~ so versatile.

If you were wondering where my dear son was....I asked if he would like to help....

Sweet, sweet big sister is so patient!

So by the end of our cooking we had made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce (enough to give away, to freeze, and to enjoy for dinner), zucchini bread for the freezer, banana bread, and this wonderful pineapple upside down cake. A very fun day!

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Chad and Rebecca said...

LOVE it!! Wish I was coming to dinner!!


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