November 19, 2009 anybody here....

Hey ya'll, I didn't die we are still around just too busy for words. We are using a new curriculum this year and it is eating ALL of my free time...or perhaps it is because I have more kids to instruct in the 3 R's...who knows....just it all equals NO TIME!

Anyway I just wanted to link to these 2 posts from another blog I try to read...most of the time this blog is too cerebral and prolific for me to keep up with, but I caught these 2 posts and I loved them.

This one puts into words what I have felt for a long time...however, that being said, a good love story will always put a smile on my face!

The next link is a blog post about singing from the same blog. Our family sings in the car, before bed at night, and when we are feeling goofy and we really love it. In old, old home tapes (no video - only sound) I remember hearing my great-grandmother singing with the other women while making dinner. They were singing, "Way Over the Swanee River". It sounded like they were having a grand time! Good memories!

I'm going to try to make my sister spontaneously sing while making Thanksgiving dinner, she will probably just roll her eyes.

However, if my CA brothers were here they would all sing off key and different songs at the same time....they particularly like this song by Collin Raye(the lyrics go against the first post I linked too! Sucker for a love story - told ya):

all you can really understand when they are singing is "blah, blah, blah, LITTLE ROCK!" It is great... miss you guys!


Sally P-G said...

ha ha it's so true...they are such singers and when you are around them it makes you sing all the time too. Jeremiah (through his sucked in cheeks) is smiling while reading this which means he misses you too :). Love you and and miss you and wish you were gonna be here for Thanksgiving this year :(

P.S. Jeremiah just chimed in from the other room that "You shouldn't make fun of James that way, I know you're not talking about me" :)

Chad and Rebecca said...

I do like to sing..honestly. Every time I sing around the house ds asks me to stop. I will prove it to you at Thanksgiving. I think I am hurting his ears!

Aimee said...

Hmmm interesting blog on "soulmates" and an interesting response. I would have to agree with them both! Maybe we become soulmates by starting out with common priorities and "goals" for our lives and then grow together - becoming one maybe an ongoing process not an event? But the hollywood notion of soulmates is unrealistic and maybe dangerous.


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