January 6, 2010

Going's on...

in 2010! Well one of my New Year decisions was deciding whether or not I was going to continue blogging....sometimes I don't have too much to say and other times I'm a wealth of wisdom in my own mind! I never had the nerve to push the delete blog button and I'm not convinced I'm going to magically stumble upon more time in my day...so I've reconciled to do the best I can and give it one more "good ole college try"! Here goes:

I don't have a specific topic at hand so here are some ramblings from around our home! We have had a cold snap here in Texas! (I do mean "snap" the weather here is just a constant series of high pressure and low pressure systems...one day 80 the next snowing! {Well except for the summer that is consistently HOT}, but the winter is a fun mix and as long as you take Kate Goesslin's mommy teachings, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" (she should probably heed her own advice....bless her heart ;) then this Texas weather is just fine!) So anyway we have been bundled up to play outside!

(just disregard the IKEA dining chair in the backyard...it is instrumental in getting my son up in that tree, but I do make him bring it in for dinner! I have let a lot of things go, but furniture in the yard....)

This year we have added a cat, Lucky, and a dog, Oliver, to the mix! Sometimes...they don't mix!

Speaking of Oliver...he is a Doberman...and before everyone spams me...he is sweet and Dobermans have a bum wrap, but I'll post more about that later! Anyway we are training him not only to sit and heel and speak (that is a laugh..he doesn't speak at all, after MUCH cohersion he may give a small bark, but even when the doorbell rings he doesn't speak!) but we are also training his ears to stand up at attention.. so for now he looks like Super DOG! He just needs a red silk cape!

He is pretty super, but I will be glad when his ears stand up all by themselves and we can be done with this silly ear helmet thing! So that is what is going on around our house...how about yours?


Shannon said...

Its good to see you back!
I think you guys have a good house for a doberman to live in becasue he gets so much exercise and attention. Olive has won me over in spite of my canine biases. :)

Shannon said...

oops, Oliver not Olive.

Sally P-G said...

Shannon I am so happy for you :). Oliver is such a sweety!


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