January 13, 2010

Just now getting around to...

decorating our house. I had to live in the space for awhile to figure out how it best fits our needs. How it was best to arrange the furniture (or lack thereof) and how to make everything just work. It is starting to take shape in my mind now and I can start to visualize some things.

Hubby went out of town for the last few days with work and while he was gone we played fruit basket turn over with the furniture in our house. Moved beds from one room to another and more beds up the stairs and others down the stairs and dealt with bolts and screws and all sorts of She-ra stuff. It was great fun and he was very surprised to see the results when he came home. He was also surprised to see one room previously furnished - completely empty...I think that part bothered him because furniture buying can make him weep, not really, but kinda. I mean I want to walk into the nearest Ashley's and point and ooohh and aaaahhh over every nailheaded accent and leather pleat....him not so much! SO we continue to live in a very large skating rink! Anyway, I digress...

back to decorating....I love blue and I seriously heart toile and I have always wanted to pull off a black and white room with a background of robin's egg blue. I'm working on it...the walls are painted not exactly Robin's egg blue, but still a very pretty shade....in my opinion and I'm starting to collect my black and white accents! Tonight I worked on a project to fit in the area...ready to see it???



This lamp has been in my life (albeit it lived for the last half a decade in a box) since college and it was fun to give it a new life! I'm afraid I have caught the repurposing bug and I am in the mood for a great estate sale or garage sale or Craig's list perusal....just need some paint and a glue gun and I'm ready to go!


Shannon said...

LOVE the lamp!!!!!!!

Sally P-G said...

I love it!!! It's amazing what a little black paint can do :)

Chad and Rebecca said...

Love it! I want to come and help you spend your money on decorating!! Great job!!


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