January 31, 2010

Such a night owl...

it is terrible. I try and try to go to bed at night. I dutifully will lay my head down between 10pm and midnight. It doesn't matter what time I lay down I will always lay there for at least an hour thinking and thinking. It is during these late night thinking fests that my creativity kicks in and if it is a really great idea I will just get right out of bed and start on the valentine idea or window project or paint project. I turn around a couple of times and it is 2 AM.

Now, we are a home school family but we still have to get things going in the mornings and my creative fests do not lend themselves to getting things up and running smoothly in the mornings. I have tried everything from not sitting down all day to cutting out caffeine at 2pm to not drinking caffeine at all. I just can't sleep...I need to think. The only thing I haven't tried is setting up a TOTAL quiet hour in my house during the day so I can just lay on the bed and think, but I believe I would just take a nap.

All of that to say that last night as I was trying to doze off I was trying to find the inspiration for my oldest daughter's room. I just hadn't been able to visualize what I wanted...well after she and I chatted yesterday and she said that she really liked the little girls window treatment, this is what we came up with:

It was the same concept but yielded a totally different result. It is a little more chic and preteen friendly. I used her color concepts as a spring board and then gathered materials. We (11 yo dd and I) chose to work with tulle because it is flowy without being soft and it is super easy to work with.

Then for the edges we just plugged in the hot glue gun and added trim and faux yellow Gerber daisies (she argues they look more like china mums, but the tag said Gerber daisy - I just said pretty, oh and how much?) for the accents.

The middle is just tied up with a black and white polka dot ribbon.

So my think fest yielded a fun result and myself and I also had a long talk about things not getting done just by looking at them...so I started painting the little girls room pink...I better try to get some rest now there is thinking to be done!


Chad and Rebecca said...

Oh, I like it!! The flowers and polka dot ribbon are so pretty!!

Shannon said...

So cute! I'm so impressed with all that you have done over the last few months :)

Sally P-G said...

I love it but what I really really love is that Rachel (aka my flower apprentice) knows the difference between a china mum and a gerber daisy!!!! And she is absolutely corect, that looks nothing like a gerber daisy. Tell her "good job Exquisite Blooms of Marlin" ;)


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