January 28, 2010

What do you do...

with a bunch of wadded up fabric on the closet floor????

Well, if you need window treatments in say 90% of your house you find a way to use what was the window treatment in your living room in your very first apartment....see the sage green...late 90's!

It just so happened that my sweet dear daughters loved these little numbers that I picked up 50% off at Hobby Lobby (yeah me!)

It has become the inspiration for their room! So I thought hmmm...fabric, inspiration...inspiration...fabric...voila!

So I ran down to wally world and picked up 2 boxes of this....

and a box of this:

and came up with this:

Please excuse the blurry picture...I snapped it very quickly at bedtime and I wasn't going back in after I got them settled for the night!

The 2 middle ties were to be bows also, but dear sweet 4 year old thought that they were lovely little piggy tails and, well, how can you argue with that?

I like the way it turned out...not bad for sage green from 1998!


Chad and Rebecca said...

Wow!! Those look great! I LOVE it!! You are very crafty. I remember when you made dd #1's nursery bedding.

Sally P-G said...

I had no idea that RIT didt that!!! It is totally amazing and now I want to find some kind of fabric to try it on, guess it would be dumb to buy fabric to try huh? :) What about something that has a patern? Will it take the entire pattern out and take it to completely white?

Jesse said...

I don't know about a pattern. I'm thinking as long as it isn't textured it should work just fine. I was excited about how well it worked too! Nice tool to have in a creative arsenal!


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