January 26, 2010

300th post...

Wowwwwwie...what a milestone and no I won't celebrate like this!

How about a stroll down memory lane shall we:

My sweet babies!
A Favorite Post!
Most googled post!
Fun memories!
Miss those babies!
More babies!
Halloween Gone By...
Tea Parties...wanna do another one Sally?
A reminder...
and of course
More babies...

So this walk down memory lane has been fun and painful...I think I have tried to ditch the Dr. Pepper habit more times than Elizabeth Taylor has been married, I really should keep up with my eyebrows better, and I used to be smarter than I am now!!!!

So many memories....have I convinced you to start a blog and find a place to chronicle your memories and day to day life? Think sociologists will use this mumbo jumbo in 200 years to try and understand Generation XYZ or PDQ whatever we are...Well, thanks for walking with me and I will leave you with one more memory...funniest picture on the blog!


Sally P-G said...

that is a lot of memories...some seem like just yesterday and some seem so long ago. The kids are getting so big and it is sad that you guys aren't here anymore :( Miss you!

Chad and Rebecca said...

This is me leaving you a comment!! Ha!

Shannon said...

Enjoyed going through the old blogs...especially since I only recently became aware of it! That's me giving you a hard time in case you didn't get that. Even though I believe you when you said you told me when you started it. I guess I just figured you had been flakey like me and abandoned it after a few postings :) What a fun way for your kids to look back on their childhoods.


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