January 24, 2010

Valentine's craft....

I can't help it, I heart Valentine's Day...I know it is an American Greetings store bought holiday, but it is just so much fun. Since this is our first Valentine's Day in our home I needed a new front door wreath, just for the holiday!

For some reason my camera just can't quite capture how cute it is in person...I love it and every time I see it I smile. The G was decoupaged with bits of scrapbook paper and everything else was just tucked into the wreath so it will be easy-peasy to repurpose later. (Well the little wood cut outs are stuck on with tape!) I then took some of the pink ribbon I had on had and cut a length to run through the wreath and nail to the top of the door...(I like it better than a wreath hanger!) If you were going to make this you might try running some ribbon around the wreath but I just really liked seeing the grapevines running amuck! I have many more V'day crafts in the works...can't wait to show you!


Leslie said...

That's SO cute!! (I heart Valentine's Day too...) :)

Sally P-G said...

I love the wreath and I love love love the new blog banner :)


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