October 27, 2010

Fun Fall Crafts

A couple of weeks ago I was perusing this site and saw the cutest black spider web doilies. I knew that the kids and I would have to give it a go! So we did and I followed these instructions to the letter and kept messing up. They kept turning out like moldy snowflakes. Then I found these dear life saver instructions and all of a sudden I could keep up and our spiderwebs were great. (Here is another variation of a spiderweb with a great little video for those interested!)

Just as a little side note - teaching the kids how to cut a circle from a folded square sheet of paper was a wonderful math lesson! It will come in handy in future assignments!

Before next fall hits I hope to make some that will rival the ones on My Dear Trash. One can always hope! I also want to make some of those cute mice...did you notice those????

We also made spiders to go with our spider webs and these were just the run of the mill pom-pom ball and pipe cleaner craft, but they were a fun addition to the webs.

Another fall craft that the kids and I were able to knock off was the pumpkin mobile.

It was a very easy craft that we all pulled off together and hung up in the corner of the school room. Truth be told, I love to make pumpkin crafts because they are able to stay up until Thanksgiving so we can enjoy them longer.

In the next few weeks I would like to plan on the kids making:


sun prints

stained glass pumpkins

So do you have any fall crafting plans?

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