October 26, 2010

Blogging ABC's

I have seen a couple of blogs do this recently...it is a fun game to see what pops up in your browser as you type in each letter of the alphabet.

A. allrecipes.com Love, love, love this place!
B. bloglines.com My current blog reader, but it is scheduled to close Nov. 1, what is your reader?
C. craigslist.com Looking for a few odds and ends for the house!
D. disney.com I'm sure that is the kids and their new fascination with Club Penguin.
E. Etsy.com Very creative people here, great inspiration!
F. facebook.com (anyone surprised??)
G. gmail.com
H. Nada...nothin'
I. itsthelittlethingsthatmakeahouseahome.blogspot.com She has some neat ideas!
J. Nada...again
K. ditto
L. likemerchantships.org A blog that I have read forevah, but she hasn't been blogging in awhile but her archives are amazing!
M. again, nada...maybe I'm boring!
N. netflix.com Love their instant streaming!
O. no o places I visit
P. pandora.com I love pandora! It is fun to blast the tunes while we are cleaning the house in the mornings!
Q. QuirkyMama.com Neat place for pre-school crafts!
R. raisingolives.com Another homeschool blog I love to read, this woman is ORGANIZED! (She also made an ABC list!)
S. smockityfrocks.com I'm a fan of her blog and aprons
T. Thrifty Decor Chick I'm a huge fan of this lady, she does incredible things with her home!
U. Not
V. One
W. Itsy
X. Bitsy
Y. Little
Z. Thing!

Where do you go on the web???

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