February 5, 2011

A homeschoolers paradise....

Balboa Park in San Diego is one of my most favorite places to go! It is a great place to just walk around and see the architecture and all of the cool street vendors (we ran into a musician, a bird trainer, and a saxophonist). However, to really discover the treasure you have to check out all of the museums! The last Tuesday we were in town we spent the entire day at the park!

We got there early to check out the Japanese Friendship Gardens! It is a neat place to roam to see the beauty of the simplistic Japanese Gardens.

However, no Japanese Garden would be complete without Coi fish! The day we went there were volunteers teaching visitors how to feed the Coi fish! It was the neatest thing, they don't have teeth and just suck the food right out of your hand!

Next we ventured over to the Museum of Man (disclaimer - this museum is VERY pro-evolution; however they have a cool Egyptian play center and display area that we love to visit) and hung out in the Egyptian rooms and saw mummies and shrunken heads and all sorts of cool things that my son was wowed about!

The Egyptian wing has a cool play area where the kids could sit on a throne...

however they wanted!

The play area also has a market street vendor area and many fun exhibits on archaeology for the older kids.

Next we took in a production of The San Diego Junior Theater's rendition of The Miracle Worker, it was a wonderful performance and if you are ever in the area take in a SDJT production it is worth the money!

After that we ran off some steam at the wonderful fountain..

Then we visited the San Diego Museum of Art and showed the kids a few Monet's and a Degas as well as a handful of other well known impressionists...then we spent a little while in their "make and take drawing room".

After all of that fun adventure we went and took photos (see header) and then we ventured off to a great pizzeria with family. It was my favorite day of our trip and one of the biggest places I miss about living in southern CA! A true homeschoolers delight!

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Shannon said...

I can just feel how warm it was! Looks like a really fun day :)


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