February 11, 2011


My 3 darling daughters were in a recent fund raiser/fashion show for a ladies luncheon at our local theater...they were so pretty and just a tad bit sassy.

Before the show started we had the usual round of butterflies and last minute, "What have I gotten myself into!!!???"

However, the show must go on:

The show started with dresses that were very vintage and so beautiful:

Then they moved on to the currant era and they had some flair!

It was a fun and friendly environment for the little girls to try out their fashion sense and to participate in big sister's venue. All in the quest to raise confident young ladies...such a daunting task!


Shannon said...

Such beautiful girls! They all look incredible. LOVE the black and white pic. :)

Sally P-G said...

you changed the background, but no new post?


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