February 2, 2011

Love is in the air....

So it is that time again to start decorating with hearts and red roses! How exciting those 3 little words are: I love you! It is funny how sometimes they don't seem like enough and sometimes they just fit.

We are excited to add another little person to our family to love...he is of the boy variety and will be making his entrance sometime in June! We are all excited about this little guy and meeting him! 9 months is such a long time to wait to meet one of your great loves...all I can seem to think about is nuzzling sweet baby hair and fat baby feet! I have been on a mission to find the best baby carrier/sling to carry my little guy close to my heart!

The little man and I are being monitored closely to make sure he is growing well and all is going how it should! Every time the baby kicks we say thank you God and we pray daily for the baby's well being and health...our children are only on loan from God and I pray this little man is able to have a long stay before being called back home! We would love (there is that word again) to have the prayers of the faithful add us to their lists!

I wish my scanner wasn't on the fritz or I would share his sweet baby profile...he is sucking his thumb!!!

So we are all squeals here and lots of baby excitement...all in all a perfect Valentine season!


Sally P-G said...

Can't wait to meet the little guy! Lots of love and prayers being sent your way! <3

The Smitheys said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Hmmmm... Does that mean no camp for you, or are you going to brave it?!?!

The Wrights said...

Have you ever heard of "Seven Slings" Baby Carriers?? They are supposed to be pretty good, I have an email with a code for one free! You have to pay shipping which is like $15.

Liz said...

Thanks all, I will look into the seven slings that is a good deal...camp is still on for now as long as all stays well!


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