October 1, 2010


My baby boy would be 2 years old today. Today he would be laughing and running and learning all sorts of wonderful things about life. He would have wonderful 2 year old chubby feet and some sort of emerging gibberish language. He would most likely have no interest in potty training and I'm sure I wouldn't be pushing him because he would have been my baby. He would more than likely still have dark hair and I'm assuming dark eyes and a contagious, affectionate personality. That is what I imagine his life would have looked like at this point.

On this years birthday I realize that this day will always be hard. I will probably always cry and get the raw ache in the pit of my stomach as I think of what life with him would have looked like. The newest revelation is that losing my baby will never get easier, but through God's grace I have become strong enough to carry it.

I love you and I miss you baby Timothy and I wish you were here to have a 2nd birthday cupcake.


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