October 14, 2010

Here we go again....

So I have decided to dust the cobwebs off and see what I can do with my little corner of the World Wide Web...first off a little update on our lives.

My oldest daughter is now 12 and turning into such a beautiful young lady. She is such a help around the house and is a delight to be around. She is trying her hand at community theater right now. She is doing such a good job! I'm not a drop and run kind of a momma; so since I was going to be sitting around rehearsals anyway I decided to join in the fun - a great mother/daughter activity! She and I are also running together ....well, to clarify I'm running behind her...way behind her!!! That girl is FAST! She has her first 5K coming up very quickly and we are excited to see how she does!

Our oldest son is now 10 years old and has entered the world of football! He has fallen in love for the first time in his young life! Right now he is playing safety and before last month I couldn't have told you that a football team had one. My husband and oldest daughter have joined in the action too by calling and timing the home games! It has become a family affair! Our 10 year old is also a reading machine. He constantly has a book in his hands and doesn't leave home without one....ever!

My next little one is my now 8 year old dear daughter she is my drama queen and fashionista and a hoot! She is taking to school like it is a paid position! She sets her alarm to get up early and greatly appreciates if mom has her work lined up for her so that she can get going while the rest of us are still trying to open our eyes! She is our little go-getter!
Our little caboose is now 5 and she has just lost her first tooth! We were coming home from co-op and she exclaimed, "My tooth fell out!" She is just so very matter of fact! She is in Kindergarten this year and is already on lesson 36 of 100 Easy Lessons. She is picking it up so fast and is so glad to be in school this year.

Hubby and I are still doing well and are as busy as ever with little ones, homeschool, football, play practice and our church. It is such fun! Well this post has become very verbose so I will say goodbye and will see you soon!


Sally P-G said...

welcome back!!! glad to see you are blogging again :) I've missed reading your posts.

Shannon said...

How fun to open my google page and see a new post! You have every reason to be verbose...there are so many reasons to be proud of those kids.


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