November 8, 2011

Baby Day!!!

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On June 9, 2011....I woke up to what I thought would be my last full day of pregnancy. I had one last doctors appointment. I had a few things left to buy and prepare before we met our sweet little bundle and I had a guinea pig to pick up and deliver to my daughter!

Lots of family was coming into town that day as well and I was excited and nervous.

After everything was done that day and everyone was prepared and loved on and everything that I needed to do was done...I was a wreck!

I walked around the house just trying to find something to do. I wanted to giggle emphatically at the fact that I was going to hold my baby the next day and shout from the roof tops how happy I was to meet him and simultaneously I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry for fear that maybe he too couldn't stay with us.

Finally I tried to sleep and I slept fitfully but luckily we were due at the hospital at 6 AM so we had to be up at 4:30 AM anyway!

So after all i's were dotted and all t's were crossed we were off to the hospital to meet our baby boy. The baby I had prayed daily for along time. The baby that was so wanted by our family.
So we got to the hospital and took one last picture of the baby in the belly and started to make preparations to meet baby Luke!

The nurses came in and hooked up IV's and asked the same question in 12 different ways. I answered them as if my life depended on it with a smile on my face. The day you get to meet your baby is such a magical day and it is hard to mess it up...especially when there isn't any pain yet!

Eventually all was arranged and I was ready to start the pitocin. I was ready for labor I was excited by the baby warmer in the room and I couldn't wait for the drug to start to work. Couldn't wait!!!! However, wait we did....and wait....and wait!

4 hours later I hadn't had 1 contraction! They had upped the dosage every so often and since this wasn't my first rodeo the nursing staff thought I would see the baby very quickly....HA!

So after 6 hours of no contractions....I was convinced they had given me a placebo. It was really saline not pitocin that was in this IV. The doctor came in and said maybe they should break my water and that would help speed things they did and it didn't!

I had company coming all day and while I was happy for the sweet distractions. I was becoming very anxious to meet my little man.

Throughout the day I would alternate walking and sitting and laying down....doing anything that I felt like would help things along. Nothing really helped. Around 10:00 that night everyone started to depart for the night. The nurses were ready for me to rest and I was becoming a little nervous. My nerves were starting to get the best of me. I wasn't in any pain but I wanted my little guy to be alright. My lingering thoughts in the back of my head were not staying where they needed to stay...due to the excitement of the day and the lack of sleep the night before I was becoming desperate. The "what if's" were playing an ugly song and I was a captive audience.

Around this time my labor (or lack thereof) started to pick up a little I was FINALLY starting to have some contractions. However, the drama started there also. Baby Luke could not tolerate the contractions. Every time my body would contract his heart rate would plummet. All of a sudden my bedside looked like a scene out of a hospital drama. The quiet room was stuffed with medical personnel. They wanted me to lay on this side then turn to the other side and then finally on my elbows and knees with my face lower than my belly. They turned off the pitocin and baby Luke would find his happy place again. All would relax and we would turn the pitocin back on and then the drama would repeat itself. It was now close to midnight and they checked to see if we had made any progress in all of this....I was dilated to a 3.

After the last drama scene the doctors came in to talk to us and told us we needed to start thinking about a c-section. The baby was not tolerating the contractions, I was not very far along, my water had been broken all day, etc.

Way back when we found out that the baby would be born with AMC the subject of his delivery had been one of controversy. Some adamantly said that all AMC babies needed to come via cesarean. Others said no they could come naturally with little complications. I had prayed that the Lord would give us a clear answer and that we wouldn't cause any harm to come to our little guy with our decisions.

Finally I asked that I be able to talk with my hubby by myself and everyone left. I cried....the what-ifs overflowed to the surface. The exhaustion was creating a bleak outlook and the stress of the previous few months all came crashing out in what could only sound like sobs. My husband knew the decision was basically made and I knew we really had no choice but to accept a c-section but to feel like I had some minor control for a few seconds made the difference. We tried to hash out the 'what if' monster but basically until we say our baby they really wouldn't go away.

We told the powers that be that we were agreeing to a c-section and they started the preparations...little Luke was on his way!

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Sally P-G said...

still can't wait to meet the little guy myself...looking forward to it soon!



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