September 4, 2007

A new week already .....

Well this week we are starting school again!!!! Yippee, summer is fun but this last week I was longing for our structured school year and process that we run by. So tomorrow is the day. I don't really do "school at home" so I'm not so sure why I get so excited about it, but never the less I am. I love teaching my kids!!!! So without further adieu, Monday Meanderings....(and if you want to see others, go here.)

  1. Bible Study: This week I'm starting a bible study on the book of Acts and the establishment of Christ's church here on earth. Our congregation tries very earnestly to follow the example laid out by the first century Church, so I try once a year to study this in depth.

  2. Must Do: This week I must establish a routine for school, we have added a new grade this year so I will try to run by the routine I have laid out in my home management binder, but I know it will need to be tweaked until it runs smoothly. So it is imperative that I work on that this week to have a smooth year. I also MUST finish cleaning the travel trailer!

  3. Deep Clean: My 15 minutes of deep cleaning this week will be in my bedroom, so Monday I will flip the mattress (with hubbies help), Tuesday I will organize our small closet, Wednesday I will clean out under bed, Thursday I will deep clean the floors, and Friday I will focus on the corners and the ceiling.

  4. Train Them Up: This week we are still finishing chapter 13 of Our 24 Family Ways and we are working on memorizing Romans 10:17. I want them to be able to memorize the steps to becoming a faithful Christian and the first is to hear.

  5. Menu Plan:

    • Monday: Taco Salad

    • Tuesday: hamburgers

    • Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo and a garden salad

    • Thursday: homemade Pizza

    • Friday: Pork Chops with Balsamic Sauce

    • Saturday: Roast with potatoes, carrots, and homemade rolls

    • Sunday: Rice Bowls

    • Dessert: We are making these on Thursday! THEY ARE SOOOO YUMMY!

So I hope you all have a wonderful week and I hope to see your meanderings here!


Chad and Rebecca said...

Let me know how your chicken alfredo turns out

Tiany said...

Your menu sounds fantastic!!! I hope you all have had a very blessed and productive first week back at school!


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