November 10, 2007

Day 11 without Daddy!

So today is day 11 without Daddy. I have been doing Ok being a single parent until today, usually I'm so busy during the day that I don't really have time to miss hubby until dinner time but, today is Saturday and we didn't have a whole lot planned amd we usually have Daddy all day on Saturday. We did our usual house cleaning and Tae Kwon Do routine this morning and then the rest of the day we were just off! Attitudes are Ok, but I think everybody is just a little blue without Dad! Come home soon honey, we miss you!

PS - Hats off to all of those military wives who do this for MONTHS at a time! You are a blessing to all of America!


Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

I was hoping you would have him back by now. I am still thinking of you and checking on you.

Dimple Queen said...

Hey Liz, Sorry you have been "alone" for so long. There was a time this summer that I felt like one of those Military wives too. But I at least had a day here and there. Carlton had one camp that was Saturday through Friday, was home for a day to wash and pack up again, was gone for 6 days, home to wash and pack, and gone again for 4 days....YUK!!! I know how you feel! BUT then again you have more kids than I do!!!! OH MY!!!! But you are a good mommy, I am sure all is well and will be too!


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