May 28, 2008

Hubby's Lunch...

I like to send my hubby's lunch to work with him everyday. It is good for our budget, good for his waistline, and good for my leftover quota! However, it is not good on my Tupperware! Sometimes he forgets to bring it home and sometimes when it does make it home I don't want it anymore and sometimes - I don't know where it came from to begin with! Sound familiar?

I still like making his lunch and he prefers to take it, so what to do, what to do????

I decided to do as the restaurants do, take out containers!

I can buy these for around $25.00 for 500 containers. That lasts us about 2 years, considering some days he uses brown bags. That is what works for us and my Tupperware, check Rocks in My Dryer for more great WFMW tips!

Note: Hubby doesn't reheat in these as they don't do well in the microwave, so he puts it on a separate plate. Also I would love to find these in an affordable paper option as I'm not a big fan of Styrofoam - any suggestions?


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I'd never considered this. Thanks for the tip.

Aimee said...

I do usually get my "gladware" back but now that I use reusable bags at the grocery store I don't have a sacks for him to carry his lunch in and I'm not sure what to do. Is it too dorky for grown men to carry a lunch bag or box? He'd love it for about one day if I got him a transformers lunch box!

Mom24 said...

We use the generic, disposable Tupperware-type containers. They're a lot cheaper than tupperware (though not as cheap as what you have found), they're freezer and microwave safe, and when hubby (inevitably) loses them, it's not the end of the world, like it is with Tupperware! LOL.


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