August 19, 2008

Big family observations....

for today's modern family we have a big family! Compared to many of our friends our family is on the small side. There is such a vast difference in people's reactions to our family. When we finally told everyone, that we were expecting again some were elated (and the most fun to tell), some scolded (not as much fun), some joked, and some were perplexed. I find that same range is typically the same that we get when we are out and about.

Some come up to us and tell us how nice it is to see a large happy family - those are nice and encouraging comments and they do us and our children good to hear the encouragement.

Some stare and then deduce by the size of my belly that we are adding another - they tend to shake their heads and mutter something about the "carbon footprint" we are leaving (this is the ramifications for living in Southern CA).

Some smile pleasantly when they first see hubby and I, but then they see our gaggle of kids and immediately show their disapproval.

Ultimately is doesn't really matter, these disapproving stares tend to diminish once a bouncing baby has replaced the beach ball belly. The ones that openly disapprove I just wish I could jar the love in our family to show you why we would want to do this and why it makes us smile and anticipate the next arrival.

Those are just my observations and yes, I'm sure geography has something to do with the attitude!

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