August 30, 2008

Preschool 5

So this is the last post for my chronicle of preschool life. It has been a fun week and I can see some of the sweet benefits of this undisturbed time together! Next week I would like to do a week of first grade and show some of our fun activities in our study time together. If for nothing else than to encourage those who aren't quite sure how homeschool works or to showcase a new tactic for the more well versed on the subject. I love peeks into others school day and I have enjoyed sharing ours.

So now for day 5 of preschool. We had a fun playtime with some good friends and my sweet preschooler had a tea party with a friend. After the friends went home we read our book for the week and worked a few puzzles, but tea time took the honors of the best event for the day.

So let me know what your preschool looks like or some of your favorite preschool activities and I will see you next week with a peek into first grade. Have a wonderful labor day!

1 comment:

shanna said...

i'll let you know when we start! should be in 2 weeks. i have created my own letter of the week curriculum which is really just a bunch of fun activities gleaned from a million different preschool sites.


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