January 19, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday...

So it is my first WFMW in about a year and I will start off with a very easy project. Recently I have renewed my love with all things black and white...black and white toile, polka dots, Fleur de leis, and etc.

So when I found this sweet little number at Hobby Lobby I fell in love and it was 50% off too...I knew we were meant to be and it found its way into my purchases!

Well this lovely little piece was to reside above my kitchen sink...it was very bare and needed the love that only a black and cream piece could offer, but alas it hung way too low!

Well I don't like putting holes into the tile back splash and if the previous owners hadn't left me their hole I wouldn't have added one...that loveliness would have been stuck with sticky tack!

But alas they did leave their mark on the wall and I was going to use it:

Well obviously the hole in the wall and the picture did not have a mutual love so I had to intervene.

First I found some jewelry wire, needle nose pliers, hammer and nails...I'm telling you this relationship was going to work! First I set off to hammer a nail into the frame of my lovely canvas:

Next I found some jewelry wire to bend around the nail!

Now let me take a moment to say that it is better to measure the amount of wire that you need before attaching it to the frame because, say you nail one end securely (or so you think) into the frame and then stretch the wire out across the frame and cut the desired length it may act as a very bad sling shot and shoot the piece of wire across the room. Then you will have to stand up and walk across the room to retrieve the weapon wire while your husband may look at you like you tried to impale him...all quite innocently! So that being said, cut the desired length of wire before attaching to the frame and nail it in SECURELY!

You will end up with this:

Now all that is left is to show the lovely canvas and mark on the wall how they will love each other!

So that is my very simple hanging job and for those of you totally wagging your finger about the dirty dishes that I may or may not have cropped out of the picture...that is only for me to know!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

What a great tip! I love black and cream too, love that contrast.

The Halbert Home said...

You could use the 3M or scotch hooks to hang on the tile too. They have some pull of strip that comes off easily if you decide you want a change.

Sally P-G said...

love it! so handy :)

shopannies said...

great tip

Chad and Rebecca said...

I am glad you were able to find something. Everything is coming together so nicely.

Meghan said...

I love hanging pictures using picture wire. I think it hangs them so much more securely and makes them less likely to become crooked.


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