April 25, 2011

Easter Traditions

I can't help it, I LOVE traditions...I don't want it to be fancy or hard so that I end up dreading the process each year; just something that the kids can count on to happen annually. Something that makes us that much stronger as a family and something for them to remember their childhood by.

Dying Eggs is one of those traditions (right up there with Mama going crazy over new school supplies EACH. and.every year! Anyone need a rediculous amount of pencils?)

We had so much fun creating our masterpieces! To me part of the fun is watching each child with their creative differences. I have 2 very patient creators and 2 "Wow, fun...what's next!" types! I can't wait to see what kind of little personality is growning in my belly!

Ohhh...those bunny ears are so cute! She is ever the personality!

We showed them off too:

My little Miss Creative-created this staged area! It developed into a full blown photo shoot after awhile with a backdrop and everything!

This was the only shot I got of any of the girl's dresses. (Sunday mornings are too hectic - but helping little miss go to the bathroom around all that tulle gave me a small glimpse into her wedding day!)

Ofcourse every Easter the kids know we will attend bible class and services and then come home to lunch and finally baskets! (I don't like doing baskets first thing in the morning...I want their minds to be on worshipping God first thing and hyped up on candy later!)

I was sad a few years ago when my son decided he needed a more manly basket! Boo Hoo, however, I'm sure his Dad was relieved!

Yes, we even did a basket for little baby boy! He needed to be included, I needed to prepare myself for 5 (Yippee/Yikes) baskets, and who couldn't use a little extra sugar!

We also did our annual egg toss! It was fun, but I never even caught the first toss before mine broke...I blame the crutches!!! These 2 ball players won!

Next year...no fair for the catcher and first base girl to be on the same team!

One of the hardest thing about having children of such varying ages is making sure that all of our family activities are fun for all levels. So when the older kids suggested that we change up the egg hunt a little I didn't mind! So this was our first annual egg hunt.in.the.dark! It was fun as everyone had their flashlights and baskets at the ready! Forgive the photo quality - it was dark!

"That was fun Mom...what is next?" To which I answered....bed!

What are your fun Easter traditions?

1 comment:

Shannon said...

I like the night egg hunt idea. Looks like fun was had by all (even with the crutches in the way :)
I miss our San Diego egg tosses!


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